Hello and thank you for your interest in applying for a non-dilutive grant. Before submitting your application, we highly encourage you to read our frequently asked questions.

I’m new to entrepreneurship and only have an idea. Am I qualified to apply?
If you are in the ideation stage, please consider applying to the Spark Accelerator, Summer Incubator, and/or Ignite Grant opportunities.

Our FuelInnovation and Entrepreneurship Challenge (I&E), and the President’s Venture Fellowship (PVF) are for upper-level ventures or existing businesses that already have made significant progress on their idea, are committed to pursuing the possibility of a full-time startup route, and continue to develop their minimum viable product.

I am not a student or an alumni of Johns Hopkins. Am I still eligible to apply?
No, these awards are only for Johns Hopkins University affiliates.

I am a student or alumni of Johns Hopkins, but my co-founder is not. Are we eligible?
Yes, there are opportunities in this application cycle for you. Read each grant criteria carefully to ensure you are eligible to apply.

Do I need a team to participate in the program?
Solo entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply and must include their team formation plans and the viability of those plans.

My idea is advanced and/or I’ve already raised significant money. Can you still help me?
Yes, we’re here to build community and connect you to our campus and alumni network. If you have already raised significant funding, please include specific details about how these awards will help your venture move forward.

What does the application process entail?

  • Complete an application. For example, a “good” I&E application takes around 30 minutes; the PVF may take twice as long.
  • All applications are reviewed and scored by alumni and ecosystem partners; all materials are shared with them confidentially.
  • Finalists are interviewed by Pava Center staff and will receive next steps after their interviews.
  • Ventures that are not invited to interview are provided information on other opportunities more suitable for them.

If I don’t receive an award, can I reapply next year and/or to other opportunities?
Yes, we appreciate and encourage ventures who continue to engage and progress. As always, please carefully note the eligibility requirements.

How will I be supported throughout this program?
In addition to the non dilutive funding, each team will receive the opportunity to engage with all of the Pava Center’s resources including co-working space, mentorship, pro-bono resources, and much more.

What is the level of commitment? 

For more on our accelerators, please see the Accelerator FAQ.

For the I&E and PVF grants, engagement includes:

  • Working with Summer Incubator program, including attending two or more in-person events between May 22 – July 3
  • Monthly online “coffee hour” networking meetings with other recipients, starting August 2024
  • Monthly 1:1s with Pava Center Director
  • Opportunity to engage in high-level mentorship connections
  • Select opportunities to “give back” by networking with other Pava Center accelerator programming/events, inspiring emerging student entrepreneurs

I have two ventures that I am working on. Can I apply with both?
We recommend that you apply for the venture that you plan to devote more time and energy to. Additionally, you can only receive the stipend for one venture.

Where do I go if I have additional questions?
Contact Pava Center at pavacenter@jhu.edu and we will be happy to help you.